Super Loo Star

Super Loo Star

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Super Loo Star :
  • One piece bowl and seat made from automotive grade polyurethane.      
  • Stainless steel hand wash basin pump with vertical action.
  • Separate fresh water flush system.
  • Stainless steel pressure jet.
  • Pressure merlin jet pump.
  • Effluent tank capacity 425 liter approximate.
  • Fresh water tank capacity 130 liter approximate.
  • Wash basin's waste water drains directly to effluent tank.
  • Ventilation pipe to ensure odour free atmosphere.
  • Skid resistant floor.
  • Inspection port for easy water filling.
  • Hand wash basin with soap holder.
  • Drain plug for fresh water tank.
  • Skin plug and chain for wash basin.
  • Strong and heavy in built hooks to carry it to roof tops.
  • Heat resistant double ply both side finish walls to ensure cool and cosy interiors.
  • Outer dimensions 4' x 4' x 8' approximate.